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Konstantin M.

Blogger, Fiscal Assistant, Livestreamer, Hobby Artist

Hello, aspiring artist!

My name is Konstantin, 20 years old, living in Bavaria, Germany and I'm currently working as an assistant tax consultant. Personally, I've been interested in drawing ever since I was a kid and quite frankly having a blog has been a little dream for many years as well. So why not combine these two?

With ‘Mac H. - Creative’, I’m giving you the opportunity to learn how to draw. In this blog, I compile all the things I’ve learned over a long period of time. My goal is to not only introduce you to the fundamentals of art, but also help you stay motivated throughout your journey!

Giving you free access to a structured overview on how to approach drawing is a vision of mine. I want to create for you, what I wish I had when I started to learn how to draw myself.

There is such an overload of resources on the Internet about drawing. What I want to achieve at some point with 'Mac H. - Creative' is to organize all this information for you, so that you can start learning how to draw right away.

Here on ‘Mac H. -Creative’, we focus on drawing from scratch, so this blog is primarily directed towards beginners who are just at the start of their drawing journey. If you really want to learn but don’t know where to start, then this blog is made for you.

I hope you gain a lot from this website!

Stay motivated, keep drawing and never stop following your dream :)


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